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Healing of a Family

Moments like this go a long way in reminding us that what we are doing at the Law Center goes above and beyond mere legal work. We help mend broken families. We help protect children. We do whatever we can to ensure that our clients are safely healing from whatever difficult situation they found themselves in when they first reached out to our office. We help families heal!


The words below were written within a special card received today by Attorney Roberts at SWLA Law Center:

"[Our granddaughter] is happy and doing well. She likes her new school and new friends. [Her father] does not contact us at all. I take that as a blessing. We will never forget your kindness and help in keeping [our granddaughter] here with us. Thank you. Please share this with your staff. They were all very polite as well. We are forever grateful."

Client's Testimonial

The attorneys at SWLA Law Center go above and beyond what is expected. Our firm is built upon people caring about people.

The below story is one example of the care that is shown by the SWLA Law Center, and how we all strive to help clients in any way possible.

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