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Meet The Team


Genia Coleman-Lee

Executive Director/Attorney

Ms. Coleman-Lee worked as an attorney at the Law Center for several years before eventually settling into retirement. But when our previous director decided to take his career on a different path, he wanted to leave our firm in the best possible hands. So he called Ms. Coleman-Lee to ask her to be his successor. Her dedication to this community, to helping others, and her desire to want to see the Law Center reach new heights quickly had her walking away from her relaxing days and coming back through our doors. 

Darren Stewart


Mr. Stewart has been with our firm for more than 16 years. He whole-heartedly cares about each of his clients and works hard to ensure that every person who has trusted him with their legal problems will receive his absolute best. Darren is soft-spoken in the office, but none of us would want to cross paths with him in the courtroom. He relentlessly fights for his clients!

La Koshia Roberts


Ms. Roberts joined SWLA Law Center in 2020. It quickly became obvious that she enjoys and thrives in cases that test her limits. She doesn't shy away from clients who may require an attorney to push a little harder, be a little firmer, or stand a little taller in their defense. Ms. Roberts puts every bit of effort she has into making sure her clients receive what they deserve and get everything they are legally entitled to.

LaWanda Gibson


Ms. Gibson has dedicated over two decades to helping under-privileged individuals receive legal assistance. She worked as a pro bono attorney for 18 years before joining our team at SWLA Law Center in 2019. Ms. Gibson has a vast array of knowledge and expertise and is always eager to assist our staff with any questions or help brainstorm ideas on how to best ensure success in our clients' cases.

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