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In a blended family, will the children automatically receive our assets, or should we prepare a will?

Genia Coleman-Lee explains the necessity of a Will for blended families and discusses the rights of individuals experiencing divorce as related to the marital home.

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What can I do about new neighboring houses whose land will eventually drain onto mine?

Jonathan Fontenot describes what to do if new structures are being built in a way that could cause drainage issues for your property, and clears up whether military members are exempt from buying hunting licenses.

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Is there a difference between a trademark and a copyright?

Ms. Roberts expounds upon the differences between trademarks and copyrights and gives examples of each.

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Can I relinquish ownership of inherited property?

La Koshia Roberts outlines how inherited property may be renounced and clarifies how to handle situations when a neighbor's tree infringes onto your property.

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Can a 16-year-old business owner bypass the age requirement to enter into contracts?

Ms. Coleman-Lee discusses the rights of minor business owners, how inheritance can affect government assistance incomes, and why Cameron Parish does not have a mayor or city council.

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In Louisiana, do debt collectors have a certain time to sue for payments?

La Koshia Roberts provides the time limits debt collectors are able to collect, and explains the difference types of personal injury cases, including what is considered a personal injury.

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